Taverna Sarbului

Natural, tasty and hearty!

These are the qualities of Serbian cuisine, preserved and knighted at this Serbian tavern. The characteristic space of taverns is being reinvented in Bucharest, in a location not far away from Herastrau Park or Casa Presei, on Tipografilor street, no. 31.

The restaurant is permeated with the typical past centuries serbian atmosphere – from the building and wood furniture to the full shelves of meals prepared after original recipes, from the perfumed “slibovita” to the full of strength music of the folk and marching bands, which inspired Bregovic.

Taverna Sarbului has a capacity of 500 indoor seats and 500 outdoor seats , on the beautiful terrace.

Address: Tipografilor Street, no. 31

Reservations: 021 490 60 50

Open: Monday-Sunday, 9:00 PM – 12:00 AM