Real estate projects

Services offered to Investors

Real estate development can be one of the most profitable real estate investment options. In Romania, the yield per project of such placement may exceed 70%. This in terms of personal financing sources and an efficient project management.

Nordis is present in this area since 2011, offering consultancy services beginning with the land acquisition phase.

Choose to earn with Nordis

  • We offer consultancy from the planning phase of the investment;
  • We have legal, administrative and fiscal knowledge for all stages of a project construction;
  • We have the resources and the know-how of ensuring the management of a project throughout its development;
  • We work with a whole team of collaborators, necessary to develop a real estate project: architect, lawyer, cadastral engineer, structural engineer, builder, notary, accountant etc;
  • We have vast experience in marketing, promoting and selling real estate projects, both on luxury segment of the market and on the upper-middle and mass-market;
  • We offer the possibility of receiving compensation in barter system, in different development stages of the project.