Casa Fericirii

Casa Fericirii is the first integrative transformation center in which every person can fulfill a personal/professional goal or can resolve a life situation for its evolution, using packages of customized sessions held by therapists such as nutritionists, psychologists, coaches, therapists, biofeedback therapists or physiotherapists. Through workshops/training/developmental courses and services created for physical health like physical exercise, massage, body shaping, beauty, detoxification and using only healthy products: natural food supplements and bio cosmetics, you get personal fulfillment by maximizing and achieving maximum potential. You will benefit from support and information and will be invited to our socializing events.

The environment that we have created with and for the people is for positive transformation for any man eager for evolution.

Here, at Casa Fericirii, you fill yourselves up with vitality, you feel more balanced and more confident every time!

Address: Nicolae Caramfil Street, nr. 87

Reservations: 0773 832 068